Which of these Supporting Actresses, with films at TIFF, will translate to Oscar?

Minnie Driver - 'Barney's Version'
Rosamund Pike - 'Barney's Version'
Andrea Riseborough - 'Brighton Rock'
Helen Mirren - 'Brighton Rock'
Evan Rachel Wood - 'The Conspirator '
Minnie Driver - 'Conviction'
Melissa Leo - 'Conviction'
Juliette Lewis - 'Conviction'
Andie MacDowell - 'Daydream Nation'
Helen Mirren - 'Debt'
Cecile de France - 'Hereafter'
Ludivine Sagnier - 'Love Crime'
Hiam Abbass - 'Miral' (could be lead)
Frido Pinto - 'Miral' (could be lead)
Yasmine Elmasri - 'Miral'
Keira Knightley - 'Never Let Me Go'
Sally Hawkins - 'Never Let Me Go'
Charlotte Rampling - 'Never Let Me Go'
Megan Fox - 'Passion Play'
Lesley Ann Warren - 'Peep World'
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