What project did you enjoy the most from the stream?

Halo StarWars Team: Halo StarWars
DSMT: DSMT Project: Revelation
Hiralis: The Recreation Map Pack
[PMMF]Rambo: Blood Creek RC3
kirby_422: Kirby's random stuff
Dark Halcyon: Friendship Evolved
rerout: Project DUI
savinprivtemike: Halo CE Wars & Halo Effect
Hog Derby Productions: Hog Derby: Duels
MoooseGuy & Pepzee: Firefight Descent
HM - Hiralis & Muscl3r: Installment 1: Human Interests Group
Forgotten Exile Developers Team: The Flood: Forgotten Exile
{NP} Mapping Team: The Great Infestation
{NP} Mapping Team: Strategy game variant
{NP} Mapping Team: Spleen
MatthewDratt: Takedown: Project Lawson
MatthewDratt: Takedown: The Introduction
ODST_Nick: Mystic Firefight
Muscl3r: ODST C1
TM Mapping Team: Project Lumoria