Which question would you most like to be answered by a P&G expert at the P&G Summer Spa?

How can you prevent static hair when styling?
How can you combat humidity to create the perfect blow-dry?
How can I get good results with a razor on my bikini area? Is there anything I can use / do to keep my bikini area tidy?
What are your top hairspray tips i.e. using hairspray to create volume and new styles?
How does the Dual Epilator work and what are the benefits of combining epilation with shaving?
What are the major styling trends in female hair this season and where have these trends originated from?
How can you create a professional smoky eye look in 5 minutes?
Everyone wants a quick and simple holiday hair style to go from beach to bar – what’s your tip for a glamorous holiday up-do?
What do you predict the colour trends will be next season and how best to decide what suits you?
What is the best way to preserve colour and keep it’s brilliance for longer either in a salon or at home?
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