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Vote for a Derby Vixen name for B below

Vira BadAssana - B
Prana B-onYa - Monica
Yogi Grin & Bearra - Lauren
Vitamin B & Chi - Monica
Warrior B - Monica
Queen B - Emilio
Kiki Asana - Holly
Yoga Get Whooped - Jess
B-urston Busty Buttkicker - Ryan
Yoga Suture - Jamie
Check your Chi B - Emilio
MaCHIne Gun - Emilio
Instructor Destructor - Monica
The Last Bodybender - Monica
Queen B on Your Asana - Janice
"B"eat you up Chakra Kahn Downward-Facing Dawg - Lauren
"Bossy Buxom B-elzebub" - Ryan
"The Notorious Bad Ass B" - Ryan
B Very Afraid - Yvonne
Total Votes : 194
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