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MicroPoll provides tools to create and manage Online Polls. Polls can be created using a very easy to use graphical interface. HTMLized Code Poll, is created automatically and can be simply copied and pasted anywhere online. Results are made available in real time and accessible online. Various advanced poll setup options are also available. HTML can be added to format the Poll and the updated code is automatically generated.

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Creating MicroPolls

Creating MicroPolls has never been easier. It's Free, and you can create as many polls as you want. All aspects (color, theme etc.) can be customized to match you site's specifications.

MicroPoll Features

Create unlimited polls, collect unlimited responses. Add and embed (Copy/Paste) MicroPolls to websites, blogs, emails. No HTML/Server software required

"We found that MicroPoll offered the broadest range of features for the best price. I am a loyal customer and I highly recommend MicroPoll."

Andy Lui - CEO
Andy Lui - CEO, BuddyTV

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