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MicroPoll is a simple single question polling software. Often it is not required to have cumbersome codes and in-depth analysis for the simple polls. MicroPoll provides you a one stop solution to conducting and managing polls online. You can create and manage multiple MicroPolls in your account. Setting up MicroPolls is very easy and the code required is generated automatically. This code can be used to post the MicroPoll on your web site/page, blog or you can also use the inbuilt emailing mechanism for distributing the poll. Data is collected in real-time and reports can be displayed instantly. This will help you increase interactivity with the visitors to your site and give you the much needed edge. Various customization options are available and you can customize the look and feel to match to your web site/page, etc. Advanced reporting on polling data is possible using MicroPoll. MicroPoll provides all these and many more features for Free.

Create your own Micropolls

Creating MicroPolls

Creating MicroPolls has never been easier. It's Free, and you can create as many polls as you want. All aspects (color, theme etc.) can be customized to match you site's specifications.

MicroPoll Features

Create unlimited polls, collect unlimited responses. Add and embed (Copy/Paste) MicroPolls to websites, blogs, emails. No HTML/Server software required

"We found that MicroPoll offered the broadest range of features for the best price. I am a loyal customer and I highly recommend MicroPoll."

Andy Lui - CEO
Andy Lui - CEO, BuddyTV

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