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  1. How familiar are you with IEC 80001?
  2. How much will you spend on Valentines Day?
  3. How would you prefer the budget was spent?
  4. How would you prefer the budget was spent?
  5. How would you rate my site ?
  6. How useful do you find the "Team Options" sections of Smogon analyses?
  7. Have you worked with a landscape professional to help design/build your garden?
  8. Hvordan tror du det går med Mikkel Bongo som leder i Kautokeino idrettslag?
  9. Have you ever been to the Kraft Nabisco Championship?
  10. Heres this weeks JUST GO AWAY! Poll Who are you tired of hearing about?
  11. Hosny Mubarak should
  12. How have you used machine control?
  13. Have you ever played a Bishoujo game?
  14. How do you plan on spending Valentines Day
  15. Hvor stor er jøden?
  16. Hígado de Iridio
  17. How many of the raw material price increases will you be able to pass along to your end use market?
  18. How many email accounts do you have?
  19. How do you feel about the result of this year's Superbowl?
  20. Have you seen the Student Center facebook page?
  21. Have you attended a meeting in the Student Center?
  22. Have you visited the Student Center Game Room?
  23. Have you seen a movie at the Student Center Cinema?
  24. How far Will the Miami Heat make it this season?
  25. Haftalık monster kesim tablosunda, hangi monsterlara yer vermemizi istersiniz?
  26. How did you spend Super Bowl XLV Week?
  27. Have you ever been rejected for a job you really wanted?
  28. How confident are you that you picked the "right" college major?
  29. Have you developed a winning resume?
  30. How do you feel President Obama is handling the Egyptian situation?
  31. How do you like the new maps so far?
  32. How would you vote on SB0279?
  33. How would you vote on SB0272?
  34. How would you vote on SB0271?
  35. How would you vote on SB0270?
  36. How would you vote on SB0269?
  37. How/ When should trade notifications be issued?
  38. How would you vote on SB0268?
  39. How do you think the megaload shipments will affect you personally?
  40. How old are you?
  41. Have you ever warred for DM?
  42. Have you ever gotten dogs on Call of Duty BlackOps?
  43. Har du nogensinde misforstået en onlinebesked?
  44. Har du nogensinde skrevet noget til nogen på chat eller andre medier, som du ikke ville sige ansigt til ansigt?
  45. Har du oprettet profiler på mere end et socialt netværk?
  46. How would you vote on SB0251?
  47. How would you vote on SB0256?
  48. How would you vote on SB0260?
  49. How would you vote on SB0261?
  50. How would you vote on SB0262?
  51. How would you vote on SB0266?
  52. How would you vote on SB0267?
  53. HVBRIS loves nothing more than introducing people to the fire arts. We are currently looking into a training weekend for some time in 2012 in the Mid-Atlantic region (between Virginia and Massachusetts, depending on site location), and want to gauge interest in the event. We intend to make this event all-inclusive for the attendees (lodging and food). This weekend is geared towards beginner (never picked it up before) to intermediate, with a focus on personal attention/small class sizes to give them the focus that they need. All skill levels would be welcome, as the smaller class sizes would allow for more individual training. Training will encompass all of HVBRISs talents including poi, staff, fans, rope dart, swords, whips, contact, puppeteering, etc. We will also do classes on safety, performance, construction, movement, etc. Additional classes can and will be added based on attendee interest/request. Would you be interested in attending a HVBRIS fire-arts training weekend in 2012?
  54. How do you rate the new kits?
  55. How many nights a week do you have dinner with someone else in your family?
  56. Have you ever interviewed on campus through CareerKnight?
  57. How would you rate your interview skills?
  58. How many pins will Cornell wrestlers score during the 2011 Ivy League matches?
  59. How do you commute to campus? After clicking "Vote," refresh the new page to update the results.
  60. How would be the best way to address lunch suppliers price increase?
  61. Have you scrubbed your social media profiles during your job search?
  62. How would you like to celebrate your B-day in your team?
  63. How many online wagering companies do you currently hold an active membership with?
  64. How would regulated and legalized online sports wagering potentially affect your interest in online poker and/or casino gambling?
  65. How do you self-identify?
  66. How should the city of Lexington and UK handle the question of Kentuckys basketball arena?
  67. Have you visited Tutoring Services (located in room 602, above the Book Store).
  68. Ha folytatódna a Mindenkinet Radio és a hivatalos oldala, Te hallgatnád? (tippeket, saját elképzeléseket várunk ide: mindenkinethu@gmail.com)
  69. hot or not
  70. How likely are you to recommend the YPO Global Pulse to another YPO or WPO member?
  71. Hur ofta är du inne på 90gQ:s hemsida?
  72. Have you ever seen a live production of SOUTH PACIFIC (not the movie)?
  73. Have you ever had an internship?
  74. Have you been affected by teen pregnancy?
  75. How the A/c wheels / Engine are numbered??
  76. Hoe vind je de site?
  77. How will the Varsity Girls do in the upcoming Regional (ranked #3 in the Regional)
  78. How satisfied are you with the information on the CDHD website?
  79. How would you rate your feelings about the future of the organization?
  80. Hogy tetszik az új dal, a "Faster"?
  81. Har iPhonelir.dk et stort nok udvalg ?
  82. Hvilken type beskyttelse foretrækker du til din iPhone ?
  83. Hvilke helger kan du delta på workshop?
  84. How does Computer affect Human Life?
  85. Homofob 2010. godine je
  86. Hoeveel geld mag besteed worden aan het 12 1/2 jarig jubileum uitje?
  87. How often would you use Kid Spa Austin if we were open on Sundays?
  88. Have you been sticking to your New Years resolutions?
  89. How do you get to work?
  90. Hvad skal vi egentlig i Prag
  91. How many Charities do you donate too?
  92. Have dinner together on Thursday night at Yours Australian Bar? (http://www.yours-bars.de/australian_bar/index.htm)
  93. How old are you?
  94. How Is best TEACHER of Al-Aqeeq International School & College?
  95. How you evaluate this Website of Al-Aqeeq International School & College?
  96. How would you rate this video?
  97. How many CU wrestlers will earn bonus points vs. Lehigh on January 20?
  98. Have you ever attended a Career Services workshop?
  99. How many games will the Huskies win in January?
  100. How to get laid
  101. How Soon Is Too Soon To Release Images From Blockbuster Movies?
  102. How do you view most movies?
  103. How many times have you moved from a different living space?
  104. How many people think about the weather when they move to Canada
  105. How Long is Your Average Thailand Vacation?
  106. How do you feel about the Greening Policy?
  107. How often do you watch NFL related programming including games?
  108. How many NFL games do you attend per year (including preseason)?
  109. How many items do you own that represents your favorite player and/or team?
  110. Has your favorite player suffered a concussion during his career?
  111. Have you watched a MMA/UFC event?
  112. How beautiful is Carmina Topacio to you?
  113. Have your started to prepare for GHS?
  114. Honestly, do you people do anything besides read webcomics all day? (choose all that apply!)
  115. How much money would you like to collect for team birthday presents?
  116. Hová kéne körforgalom? (csak egyet lehet bejelölni)
  117. Hast Du interesse an einem BC2: Vietnam - 2vs2 Squarush Cup?
  118. How do you rate the gameplay/fun factor in Hydrophobia Pure?
  119. Heb jij wel eens een nare date ervaring gehad toen je op date ging?
  120. Have you bought an artbook or doujinshi within the past 3 months?
  121. Heti hány meccset szoktál játszani?
  122. Hva synes du om at skolen forbyr facebook?
  123. Hur många gånger har du varit i Thailand?
  124. How many times have you been to Thailand?
  125. Have you ever read/used an eBook?
  126. How many tests will the White Sox win against Australian Spirit (best of three) this weekend?
  127. Hány éves vagy?
  128. Hány éves vagy?
  129. Hány éve játszol a CS-vel?
  130. How organized are you?
  131. Hogy hat rád, ha meghallod a Himnuszt?
  132. How much of a polyol increase do you expect in Q1?
  133. Hogy tetszik az új dal, a "Where Is The Edge"?
  134. Hogyan változtassunk a gödi hulladékgazdálkodáson? (több választ is bejelölhet)
  135. How many PVs can you identify?
  136. How do you foresee the Affordable Care Act of 2010 impacting you and your family?
  137. Hver er besti Mackintosh molinn?
  138. Have you ever built a smoker from start to finish?
  139. How often do you check the performance of your mutual fund investments?
  140. How often do you check the performance of your mutual fund investments?
  141. How much would you pay to enter 2 x 32 knockout comps ?
  142. How important is note taking online?
  143. Has World Series of Poker become too big?
  144. How many hours a day are you in the radio show?
  145. How many hours a week are you in the radio show?
  146. How Looks SummeRDayS?
  147. How did they get here?
  148. Hoe laat verzamelen om alles op te zetten?
  149. Have you ever roleplayed your OCs?
  150. Here are Gettysburg Colleges Top Ten stories for 2010. Which one is your favorite?
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