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  1. Hva er spiselig i Sykehussaken? (Flervalgsundersøkelse)
  2. How Many Final Tables You Played?
  3. Have you ever heard Ruby programming language?
  4. Happiness comes from....
  5. How much do you spend on presents at Christmas for each member of your family?
  6. How do you find out about updates to this comic?
  7. HabbZone.NET - v9 (Customs, 24/7 Up-Time)
  8. Hoe heeft een vrouw het liefst haar man zijn buik?
  9. How are you responding to the WikiLeak hacks?
  10. Hi guys, please choose the period(s) of time, you will be mostly available for playing soccer :)
  11. Hvilken internetbrowser foretækker du?
  12. How did you first discover Black Ops UU?
  13. Hypothetically, what would you think if Acting Out suddenly became a teen-rated comic?
  14. How many champions will Cornell crown at the Southen Scuffle?
  15. Hvor ofte besøger du os her på biblioteket?
  16. Hey ladies: If you could earn more money than your spouse, would you turn the responsibilities of raising the kids and running the house over to your husband for a more secure financial future?
  17. How much should we spend?
  18. How do you get your winter gardening “fix”?
  19. Har du fått tak i ribbe til jul?
  20. How much do you spend per person during the holiday season?
  21. How much coffee do you drink per day?
  22. How do / did you feed your newborn baby?
  23. Have you started your Christmas shopping?
  24. Here are the five finalists for The 2011 Premier Player of Women’s College Basketball. The trophy will be awarded to the athlete with the most fan votes. You only have one vote and the poll is open until April 4, 2011. All candidates are invited to the awards presentation set for noon on April 16, 2011, at the Epicenter in Charlotte, NC, prior to the tip-off of The Jordan Brand Classic. Be sure to vote and continue to check webpage for additional information.
  25. Harry Reid is working on a bill to legalize internet poker in the U.S. Who will benefit?
  26. How should Tim Respond?
  27. How would you rate this vid?
  28. Have relationship problems hindered your focus on academics?
  29. How would you Rate
    Last Sacrifice?
  30. Hangout tomorrow?
  31. Have you subscribed to the eSoftball newsletter?
  32. Have you ever cleaned your home in the nude?
  33. How did you find out about your acceptance to Gettysburg?
  34. How many days you prefer ?
  35. Heres your chance to pick our newest brush truck number. Sorry, I had to remove #20, it does not fall in the range allowed.
  36. How should "The World According To Jon" be produced?
  37. Have any of your children/grandchildren ever been bullied in Loogootee or Shoals schools?
  38. Have you Ascended?
  39. How important is social media for you?
  40. Hyttetur eller Hjemmefest?
  41. How do you most often access the internet?
  42. Have you started your holiday shopping yet?
  43. Hvem scoret årets KIL-mål?
  44. Have you ever been to a show in the Rock Room at Up or on the Rocks?
  45. How many exams do you have during the exam period (exclude take-home, in-class, etc)
  46. Hur många av dom (skivorna) kommer du köpa temaenlig outfit / accessoar till?
  47. Hur mycket pengar är du beredd att betala för varje enskild outfit?
  48. Hur viktigt är det för dig att följa temat på varje skiva?
  49. Hur många skivor planerar du att gå på?
  50. How often do you download FetchTV paid-for content on your 8320HD smartbox?
  51. Hvem skal inn? Borgen suger
  52. How excited are you about the Royal wedding?
  53. How do you want Burger King your way?
  54. How do you thank your volunteers?
  55. How do you think the dissertation module should be best delivered in 2011/12
  56. How much do you typically spend on your kids/grandkids for Christmas?
  57. How do you rate this video?
  58. How important to you personally is it for a store to be "Green?"
  59. How often do you get manicures?
  60. Help Jai & Dave Choose A Name for Tshirt Screenprinting Shop!
  61. How often do you see a movie in a theater?
  62. Have you cheated on your spouse?
  63. Hows the new design?
  64. How did you find this Feedback page?
  65. Have Village Layoffs affected Services
  66. How much do you think he will weigh?
  67. Has there been an alternating possession error by yourself or the scorers table in a basketball game that you are refereeing?
  68. How was you day today?
  69. How well did science go today (1=crap, 10=amazing)
  70. Hogyan hat Önre a stressz?
  71. Hvordan skal vi slutte sæsonen? Med traditionel Julefrokost eller Stegt flæsk?
  72. Hva skal vi spise til lunsj?
  73. How do you like to name our new website?
  74. Has the winner of Chad Mendes-Javier Vazquez earned a featherweight title shot?
  75. How did you find our site?
  76. Have you viewed the Fan Zone section?
  77. How long have you been playing World of WarCraft?
  78. How long should the drawing contest last?
  79. How do you prefer to be contacted by GCC?
  80. Hvilken pub trives du best på?
  81. Heel Tilburg moet zich scharen achter de lobby voor een tophockeycomplex!
  82. How is this Blog for u members...
  83. How do you mow your lawn?
  84. How would you rate this video?
  85. How much will the Yankees end up paying Derek Jeter?
  86. Have you done any Christmas shopping?
  87. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
  88. Hlasujte: Primátorom mesta Košice sa stane
  89. Hlasujte: Primátorom mesta Prešov sa stane
  90. Hlasujte: Primátorom mesta Poprad sa stane
  91. Hva foretrekker du å strikke ?
  92. How would you rate this video?
  93. Hlasujte: Primátorom mesta Kežmarok sa stane
  94. How will the lame duck session of Congress deal with the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts?
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